Grassy Creek Walking & Hiking Trail

Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery was founded along a shaded, sleepy, meandering creek from which we took our name. The creek was dammed in the past creating a small lake which the Klondike Cabins look out over. In the mornings you can often see deer standing knee deep in the pond shallows eating tender water grasses and drinking, and birds visit year ’round.

Walking along Grassy Creek was always a challenge … until now! Before the trees and flora grew right up to the stone-filled creek, making it impossible without getting wet! But to celebrate such a beautiful landmark, we are proud to announce the opening of a lovely walking and hiking trail to take in all the beauty of Grassy Creek! Take a look at the pictures and come visit us for a glass of wine and a stroll along the Grassy Creek Walking & Hiking Trail!

E.V.T.A. Trail Map Click on map to view larger image